Time...time passes. Memories forgotten. But some memories must never be forgotten, for they explain how things have become the way they are. Be it the first life form to emerge from the primordial soup or first sign of intelligent life, the first war, and most important of all, the greatest war of all time. This is the memory of the war that almost destroyed the world. In the beginning there was peace. The world consisted of two intelligent species: the wise and ancient Frox, and the self-sufficient humans. The Frox, self-proclaimed to be oldest of all species, were a peaceful people who communed with nature. Due to their great understanding of nature and its multitude of creatures, they became the undisputed rulers of the world. Power did not corrupt these people. Instead, they created a council of elders that worked to improve life for all, making the world a lush, green paradise. Their kingdom was, and still is, known as Moonia. Living among the Frox were the humans. While unable to communicate with nature like the Frox, humans were a sturdy race capable of doing most any job. Some became merchants, scientists, and laborers. However, many chose to become soldiers. Humans always loved the idea of conquest and honor and glory and being a part of the military was one of the best ways to experience these. For centuries humans and Frox lived in harmony with the world around them. One day a group of human and Frox researchers stumbled across an artifact while excavating the site of an old volcanic eruption, then known as the Spire. The researchers freed the artifact, a dark obsidian figurine, from the debris in which it was buried. Upon touching the figurine, the ground began to shake violently. This quake was felt around the world. Some even believed the world was ripping itself apart from the force of the quake. And then it stopped. The rumbling, the chaos. Everything returned to normal. As the researchers recovered from the shock of what had occurred, they noticed a fissure had developed at the base of the volcano. What really perplexed the researchers was that no lava was coming out of the fissure. Lava once destroyed this region, yet it appeared dry now. Two researchers decided to travel into the volcano to investigate further. What happened within the volcano is uncertain. All the remaining reserchers know was loud screaming and moaning came from deep within the cavern. Two blackened objects came flying out of the hole; these turned out to be the burned heads of the two researchers. Fear overcame the remaining researchers. Some froze. Others fled the area. A few recovered their senses and noticed something glowing in the mouthes of burned heads. They slowly reached towards the heads and pulled a warm stone from the mouthes. On each stone was scrawled a message: Filthy light-dwellers! We are the Legion. We are the knights of Hell. Tremble before us or face unimaginable pain!Your kind are weak. Surrender yourselves and become slaves. Resist and suffer eternal damnation.Soon the researchers killers began to emerge from the fissure. The Legion appeared as moving corpses with the flesh charred and rotting away. At first only a few Legion emerged from the hole. Within moments, dozens, then hundreds had emerged. Within minutes thousands of Legion had crawled out and were beating their chests simultaneously like drums. Fearing for their lives, the researchers ran back to safety as fast as they could. The messages were brought back to the elder Frox council. Refusing to submit to this unholy force, the Frox decided to fight back and attempt to push them back into the depth from which they came. Within a week, an army of one million human and Frox soldiers were assembled. During this time a thick black plume of smoke emerged from the area where the Legion appeared. By the end of the week, the plume had grown larger and was beginning to spread around the world, turning day into night. Fear was beginning to overtake many people, Frox and human alike. The Moonia army was ordered to march towards the site of the excavation, what the elders named as the heart of the ?Doomia,? as the Frox referred to them as, army. When this army reached their destination, they discovered the entire area burned to the ground. Nothing remained except ashes, corpses, and millions of Legions. The two armies faced off in what became the greatest and most devastating war of all time. This war now known as the Collapse of the Worlds. The Collapse lasted for 1000 years. It was a time of great strife and bloodshed. Families were torn apart. Towns were burned to the ground. Some of the greatest works of the time were in the folds of time, never to be seen again. Billions of Doomian and Moonian died. The balance of the war shifted back and forth several times as new advancements and new weapons were developed. In one early attempt to defeat the Doomia, Frox and human scientists worked together to develop genetically engineered soldiers. They experimented on combining different species to produce superior fighters. However, no breed was able to produce a viable combination, most likely due to genetic differences. The Doomian worked on similar projects. However, instead of producing half-breeds of soldier, the Legion force-bred hybrids. The only remnants of the Legion?s experiments are the mighty Draconux. Having the strength of a dragon and the speed of an eagle, the Draconux proved to be formidable soldiers in battle, both on the land and occasionally in the air. However, their appearance, due to the Legion?s forced projects, made them the laughingstock of the world. The Legion were unable to control these creatures, who eventually turned to fight for the Moonians. The Legion also worked on reanimation of the dead. This gave rise to the most unnatural and unholy of creatures, the Reavers. These abominations of nature were the mindless remains of the victims of the Legion?s attacks. Reanimated with no mind of their own, the Reavers have been compared to zombies of ancient lore. They possessed tremendous strength, far beyond what their living forms were capable of achieving, due to their inability to feel pain. These undead soldiers became a major part of the Doomian army and a formidable foe for all they attacked. The people of the world were not the only ones to suffer from the war. The world itself was being ripped apart from the war. Both the Moonians and the Doomians could harness the power of magic. Additionally, they often times refined their magic to make it more potent and more destructive. On occasion the mages were unable to contain their magic and resulted in massive destruction to the surrounding landscape. One such incident was the final battle of the war, the battle now known as the End of Worlds. In the final months of the war, the Moonian army, now consisting of humans, Frox, and the Draconux, were finally gaining an upper hand over the Doomians. The Doomian army, consisting of Legions, Reavers, and traitorous humans, were eventually pushed back to the Spire. For days the Moonian army battled and decimated wave after wave of Doomians. Eventually the Legion and Reavers were surrounded around the Spire. However, the Legion continued to pour out of the Spire. The Moonian, in a desperate attempt to end the war, summoned thousands of mages into the battle. The Doomian, in an effort to repel the blockade, summoned their sorcerers from within the Spire. What transpired was the most devastating event in all recorded history. The Moonian mages gathered all their energy around the Spire, producing a bright red glow as far as the eye could see. The Doomian sorcerers gathered their powers at the peak of the spire, sending a black beam into the sky. At the same instant, the mages aim a massive red light at the Spire. A loud, sustained rumbling emerged from within the Spire. Seconds later the entire Spire explodes, vaporizing a large portion of the surrounding area. With so much uncontrolled power due to the deaths of the Doomian sorcerers, the black energy came crashing back down towards the crater and colliding with the red energy. The black and red energies mix together and collapse into a point. Silence. All appears calm as the energies seem to dissipate. Suddenly an earth shattering explosion erupts from the point and obliterates the entire area. However, there was so much energy gathered and released that the world itself cracked apart and expelled a large portion of the crust into space. The exposed and charred surface was littered with the remains of Doomian and Moonian soldiers. No life was ever seen in this area again aside from the occasional scavengers, who named the area the Sewers. With the destruction of the Spire, the Collapse of the Worlds finally ended with the costly victory by the Moonian. The once great kingdom of Moonia was reduced to two cities. One city, Gariki, became the center of Moonian society. Its civilians, now including the Draconux, thrived in the city and became a center for scientific research and development. The second city, Valeria, is only spoken of in myths. No one has ever seen this city, but is rumored to be home of some of the most magnificient craftsmen and animal handlers in the world. The fate of the Doomian army is uncertain. However, there have been reports of Legions living in caves near the Sewers. There have also been sightings of the accursed Reavers passing through the Sewers and remaining forests. The humans who betrayed the Moonia were never seen or heard of again. Years after the end of the war, the Moonian government declared a ban on the use of magic following the occurrences at the end of the war. They were known, however, to permit special situations for the use of magic, only under supervision. As the years passed, this ban was gradually loosened and people were able to learn some magic for self defense. As the years passed, the people of Moonia were able to rebuild part of what was once a great kingdom and restore its strength. Never again did the people experience such great destruction again. Or so people hope..
The world has been forced into chaos. Wars are ravaging the once peaceful lands and the city of Gariki has rebuilt a society amongst the chaos. The legacies seek out new warriors to aid them on their path to victory. Are you the one who will prevail, or the one who will fall? -

Dragon Soldier: The Revolution is a free text based browser RPG for multi-user gameplay. Set in the city of Gariki, you arrive at city gates in the midst of a war. As you venture further you realize that you've never experience anything like this before.

  • Levels are for the weak - hold on to your League!
  • Diverse Tradeskill system from Alchemy to Scouting.
  • If you think stats are stale, use the glow of Auras to enhance them.
  • Change that Dagger to the Deadly Dagger of Might.
  • If thats not enough: quests, events, houses and awesomeness!