Dragon Soldier Revolution

Can you tell us more?

Like when will it be back online?

  • Hmm. ETA is soon for now.

Or why did it go offline?

  • Original plan was to move to another hosting provider for better support and growth. However that in return provided so much more than we thought. Eventually time just got away from us and we kept pushing things back.

Will there be a reset when it comes back?

  • Great question. We wish we knew an answer to it. There will definitely be some game changes but still debating on this very issue.

So those game changes, what you thinking about?

  • Haha. Well basically ways you can play. DSR was always has a PVP driven focus but we realize people want more. So thats what we are doing. Giving more. More ways to play while holding strong to all the things you love.

One last question if I can?

  • Sorry but this already was a bit wierd writing this all out. But stay in touch; more to come soon.